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Rivka Chavi McCormack - PIERCER - SPECIALTY LEVEL 2

Rivka started her professional piercing career back in 1992 and has worked in or guested at shops in WA, RI and OR in addition to owning her own Studio. After taking a hiatus from piercing to return to school for Fine Metalsmithing and start a family, she returned in 2015. Now a Specialty Level 2 Piercer, she is available for all types of piercings and balances her vast knowledge with a silly quirky bedside manner sure to comfort. 

Rivka sits on the Oregon's Health Licensing Office, Rules Advisory Committee helping to keep our state rules up to date and serving the public health and safety needs. She is a proud long time supporter of The Association of Professional Piercer's and has held membership while at each studio she has worked in starting back in 1999. She has trained at the APP’s Annual Conference 12 times in addition to both Members Only Advanced Seminars and will be reapplying as Avanti’s remodel is complete.

Instagram Portfolio @BodyArtByRivka


Want to have the best piercing experience in the industry?

Start with our attitude: We wholeheartedly care about you! Come in and you will receive a warm, friendly greeting & find that we have a positive, clean and -most importantly- uplifting environment where you can ask questions and gain all kinds of new information and inspiration! Add that to years of professional piercing experience and you know you're going to have a tremendous experience!

Book your piercing appointment for our studio in Portland, OR right here at Washington Square Mall.

 *Jewelry not included in piercing fee.

How to Prepare for your Appointment:

We require a valid government issued ID or passport for everyone 18 years or older that is getting pierced. 

If you are a under 18, your parent/guardian must be present for the entire procedure. We require a valid government issued ID or student ID with birth certificate as well as your parent/guardian's ID. If your guardian's last name does not match your own we will need proof of guardianship (birth certificate).


* Be sure to treat yourself to a good meal an hour or so before getting pierced. Getting poked with a needle is no fun on an empty stomach.